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jasmin closson

The face and heart of Juniper Marketing, as the founder Jasmin makes it her top priority to create an amazing environment for her team & clients to thrive in. She's currently building a tiny home with her husband and loves spending time outdoors

founder & ceo

favorite food:

I love all kinds of food, especially when traveling I always want to try everything and anything!

Being able to figure anything out on my own

Notifications off, a slow morning

with coffee in hand, sitting in the sunshine while playing some good music. Basically, the most stress-free day ever!

secret talent:

a perfect day looks like:

Noortje wijckmans

From Virtual Assistant to Online Business Manager, Noortje has been on the team for almost 2 years now. She's passionate about running a sustainable and human-centered business that allows her clients to fit their work around their life, and not the other way around.

online business manager

favorite food:

Middle Eastern food, I could eat falafel ALL DAY

Can organise a 6-month trip in less than a day

Walking around a big city, going

into every thrift shop & vegan restaurant to snoop around, and then  ending up in a park with some wine and good company.

secret talent:

a perfect day looks like:


Virtual Assistant Extraordinaire, Olyvia specializes in design, graphics, brand kits and coarse support! She is an integral part of the team as she helps with everything from copy to social media, to graphics and tech!

virtual assistant

favorite food:

It's a tie between Thai food and Italian

I am an "internet detective" I can find almost any useless fact about anything out there, even when others think they can't.

A perfect day to me is filled with

cherry coke, reality tv and my husband and I holding hands on our couch.

secret talent:

a perfect day looks like:


Denisse is a 50% introvert 50% extrovert person, Enneagram type 4, Manifestor and a friendly kind of gal. Being able to use her creativity to make an impact on people’s businesses and lives lights her up! 

social media manager

favorite food:

Italian and Japanese food

Nitro cold brew with vanilla sweet cream

Raining outside, cozy clothes on,

candles, morning meditation, healthy breakfast, productive work day and afternoon walks and laughs with my husband.

secret talent:

a perfect day looks like:

personality-driven copywriting studio

In collaboration with

Founded by Jenn Jouhseik, JOUHCO™ is a personality-driven copywriting studio who's sole mission is impact. Through high-conversion storytelling served hotttttt, we amplify your voice so that your brand becomes irresistibly memorable and oozes personality. Built on Creativity, Authenticity, Collaboration, and Transparency, we strive to be the catalyst that gives you the confidence to show up authentically as you are and have your unique story be heard.

Jenn Jouhseik - Founder + CEO, Lead Copywriter

Dani Powell - Brewmaster

Wolfie - Chief Operating Officer

Hachi - Chief Positivity Officer

about us

We are a small business management + marketing agency. As full time business owners we get what goes into running a successful online business. We know it’s not all sunshine + rainbows 24/7, but it can be 90% if you want it to be. You call the shots and we are here to make that happen. We specialize in tech support, marketing, launch management, social media management + more! Check out our services page today! 

Jasmin, the cofounder is a native New Yorker with a passion for helping small business owners thrive + build their business with purpose. She started the Juniper Marketing in 2020 and has worked with a variety of service providers, coaches influencers and multi-passionate entrepreneurs. 



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