There’s a new social media app on the block, and it’s got everyone talking… Literally! If you haven’t heard of Clubhouse yet, or you have and you’re wondering what it is, and what it might mean for your online business, you’re in the right place!

Over the last month or so, I have participated in and hosted countless rooms on Clubhouse, a few of which I have shared screenshots of on my Instagram stories! Since then, my DMs have been full of your questions about Clubhouse! Things like, what it is, how it works, how to get invited, etc., so I wanted to dedicate this week’s entire blog post to answering your questions and chatting about how you can use Clubhouse as a tool for your business and your entrepreneurial journey. 

What is Clubhouse?

Let’s start with the basics! Clubhouse is an app for live, voice-only conversations. In a way, it is a lot like live podcasts, but on this app, anyone listening in has the opportunity to chime in too! Each conversation has its own “room”. There are no restrictions as to which rooms you can join, which makes it an amazing way to listen in on a variety of topics and conversations. Something that makes this app even more different than other social media platforms, aside from being audio-only, is that every conversation happens live and is not recorded. Therefore, if you want to hear a specific conversation, you need to tune into the room in real-time! 

How do I get an invite?

At the time this post is being written, Clubhouse is still operating in its Beta phase, and is only accessible by invitation and is also only available on IOS. To receive an invite, someone you know who is already on Clubhouse must send you an invitation. Every user has a limited number of invites available to them, but you are able to earn more by participating more in the app. 

To be able to send the invitation, the person inviting you will need your phone number, as the invite will be sent as a text message. It is important to use this same phone number when signing up for the app, otherwise, the invite won’t work! Aside from needing to be invited, the app is free to sign up for.

What is a “room” and what is a “club”?

On Clubhouse, there are rooms and there are clubs. 

“Rooms” are where the conversations take place. Each room is created with one specific topic in mind for people to discuss. Anyone can host/create a room on their own, or a room can be hosted by a particular club.

A “club” is a group created around a central topic. For example, some of the clubs I have joined are centered around female entrepreneurs, digital marketing, and building/living in tiny homes. Clubs will host rooms that relate to their main topic. So for example, in a club about female entrepreneurs, you would find conversations on topics like setting boundaries in work and life, systems that help automate your business, or new marketing/sales tactics to try. 

You are able to “follow” both people and clubs. By following someone or a club, you will be notified when they schedule new conversations!

How do I find rooms to join?

Upon signing up for and creating your account, Clubhouse will ask you about some of your interests. Whichever ones you choose, they will show you related rooms and clubs. There is also a search function within the app, that allows you to search for specific people or clubs! 

Am I allowed to speak in any room?

When you enter a room, you will see a little hand emoji 👋. By tapping this button, it will notify whoever is moderating the room that you would like to speak. 

Each room you join will have a moderator, or someone who is hosting the conversation. Based on the number of people in the room or the topic at hand, the moderator may set rules for who may talk and for how long. For example, in a room with a lot of people, the moderator may ask that you don’t exceed 1-2 minutes at a time so that more people are able to participate. But in a smaller room, the opportunities to speak up may be greater!

From a general standpoint, yes, you are allowed to participate in the conversation of any room! Just be mindful to respect the guidelines of those running the room.

How do I find people to moderate rooms with?

Part of the fun of Clubhouse is getting to moderate your own rooms and share conversations with a variety of people! But how do you find people who are willing to do it with you?

The best way I’ve found for finding people to moderate rooms with is by listening in on other rooms! If you end up in the same room as another person, you likely have something in common. If someone says something that I find interesting, I will follow them on Clubhouse and Instagram, as well as keep their name written in an excel sheet.

I have made it a goal to reach out to 5 people each month to collaborate with. I have had some amazing conversations with some pretty inspiring women in my industry by following this process! I have found that people who like to speak up in rooms often enjoy collaborating to host our own conversations.

So what does Clubhouse mean for me and my business?

For me, Clubhouse has already proven to be a great tool for collaboration and connecting with other entrepreneurs on a deeper level. By focusing on honest and meaningful conversations, we are creating an environment where each of us feels seen in the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. I have met so many amazing women that I wouldn’t have otherwise had the opportunity to meet, and for that alone, I am super grateful! 

You can’t script or curate a live conversation, which brings so much authenticity into the social media world! What do you think? Will you be giving Clubhouse a try?

Intro to Clubhouse: Answering Your FAQs!

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