It’s definitely the vibe for me.

You know, that “I am so excited to have invested in this” kind of vibe. 

It’s the kind of feeling we all want to have after signing up for something new, especially when it is an investment! Understandably, as we all want to feel certain that we made the right choice.

As a new VA, Social Media Manager, or service provider, I know how focused you are in trying to find new clients, but have you thought about what you will do once you have them? How you will give them this feeling, of knowing they made the right choice in working with you?

In my course, Onboard + De-stress, we dive real deep into the onboarding process, but today I wanted to cover some basics with you to help give your onboarding process more of a solid framework, so that you don’t feel quite as lost in the woods.

Canned Emails

For quick and uniform communications, I highly recommend creating a set of canned emails, AKA, pre-written emails. 

There are multiple benefits to creating canned emails. The first being, that with pre-written emails, you will be saving so much time. Writing each new email from scratch can and will take up a ton of time, time that could have been used to get more new clients! By spending some time crafting great email responses that you can use each time you onboard a new client, you will be saving yourself an immense amount of time and energy.

Second, having canned emails will help you immensely in remaining true to your brand. By creating one set of emails that you will use consistently, you’re able to more easily maintain your brand voice and standards. If you are writing each email from scratch every time, your language is likely going to be different, not to mention, you may accidentally end up with a typo or misinformation if your head is somewhere else at the time! 

And before you think about how you’d rather be “personal” in your emails, there are ways you can personalize these pre-written beauties! Almost any email marketing or customer management platform allows you to include “Smart Fields”, which allow you to personalize things like the client name, project dates, the package they purchased, and much more!

Automated Workflows

An automated workflow means making the process your client goes through to sign up with you a completely (or mostly) automatic process. It is really no secret that my favorite system for creating automated workflows is Dubsado. When it comes to managing clients, it really does everything I need it to, including automating the client intake and onboarding process. 

Imagine that as soon as a client signs their contract and pays their deposit, they are automatically sent a Welcome Packet, an onboarding email with a link to schedule a kickoff call, and you receive a notification reminder to send them a new client gift. The client spends no time sitting in the dark, waiting to see what will happen next. Right from the first moment, they will immediately know that they are in good hands. 

Branded Forms 

Whether or not you choose to use a program like Dubsado, you will definitely want to have branded forms (think proposal, contract, invoice, welcome packet, etc.). 

What exactly does a form need in order to be “branded”? This simply means, make the form your own. Include your logo at the top, your brand colors and fonts, as well as making sure any content written is in your brand voice. They have chosen to invest their time and money into you, and providing branded forms not only proves that you are a professional, but it creates a higher quality experience for your client. 

No matter if you’ve been in business for two days or two years, you always want to strive to give your clients the best experience possible. Simple things like including your logo on a proposal form can really add up and make a difference! 

Onboard + De-stress

From day one of running my business, I knew I wanted to create an amazing experience for my clients. For me, it isn’t enough to be a great VA or Social Media Manager (although I strive for that, too!), but in order to stand out and really offer something people want to invest in, I created a go-to client onboarding process.

As the tech and systems junkie that I am, I used my experience to create a fully automated onboarding process that allows my clients to feel like they are being welcomed with open arms (the same process I will teach you in Onboard + De-stress!).

I put “de-stress” in the name of this course because I know how stressful this process can be for new (and even mid-level!) entrepreneurs. You want to leave a great first impression on your client, but you’re not really sure how to do it. So, instead of just trying random things to see what works, jump into this course and set up a tried-and-true method for onboarding new clients that will have them feeling so lucky to have found you!

With quick set-up and actionable insights, you’ll be leaving this course with a simple, yet highly effective process that will make onboarding a breeze! 

(PS. You can grab it today for just $27! Run!)

New-Client Onboarding Tips to Start Implementing Yesterday

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