Starting a virtual assistant business definitely has its perks! Being self-employed, creating your own schedule, and getting to choose which kinds of clients you want to work with all contribute to that sense of freedom and alignment that we are all after. Another fun aspect of it, is getting to choose the kinds of services you offer!

Thankfully, there is a need for so many different kinds of services these days, so chances are, you can probably put any skills you already have to work! But if you’re having a hard time coming up with ones that you’d like to offer, or you’re open to learning some new skills before you start, today I am going to list 11 services that have been in high demand this year! 

What’s great about marketing yourself as a Virtual Assistant, is that you can offer any combination of these services, which is great for those of us who enjoy having a variety of tasks to work on! 

Admin Tasks

Administrative tasks are by far some of the most common to be offered by VA’s, and for a good reason! People always need them! If organization is your thing, or you have experience doing any kind of administrative work in previous jobs, this may be a great transition for you into the VA world!

Schedule and calendar management

Make sure things are running smoothly by helping your clients to manage their schedules! This can include setting up meetings, scheduling reminders, and making sure all important deadlines are being accounted for!

Invoicing and bookkeeping 

By taking charge of the financial side of things, you could be helping your client to keep track of business expenses, follow up on late invoices, and make sure their financials are organized and easy to refer back to once tax season rolls around.

Customer service

If you have a way with words when it comes to handling customer inquiries and issues, then this may be a great service for you to offer! By offering customer service, you may be handling returns, answering questions or solving problems, and effectively handling any customer issues.

Inbox management (Email, DMs)

Many business owners feel like they are constantly drowning in emails and messages, but don’t have the time to sort through what is important and what should have ended up in the “spam” folder. If you love organization, this may be a great service for you to offer!

Social Media Management

Next up on the list of virtual assistant services, we have social media management tasks! When you’re offering these kinds of tasks, you can choose to focus on any platform, or a variety of platforms based on the niche you decide to help. For example, you could choose to focus on Instagram management, Pinterest management, or both! 

Engagement & lead generation

If you choose to offer engagement and lead generation as a service, your focus will be on helping your client to interact with their current audience, as well as reach out to potential new leads for them. This could include responding to comments, DMs, leaving comments, and engaging with others in their niche.

Hashtag research

You know how powerful great hashtags can be, so why not offer it as a service to help your client find the best ones for them? This is a great one-off service, or something you could offer your client throughout the year, as their needs and target audience grow and shift.

Creating & Scheduling posts

Helping your client to manage their social media accounts could also include helping them to create new posts, as well as schedule them. If this is something you’d like to offer, it may be helpful to learn about some of the leading post scheduling platforms, as well as some content marketing or graphic design basics!

Community Management

Many online business owners offer their audiences some kind of community, for example, a Facebook Group. As a virtual assistant helping with community management, you could help your client create new posts, answer questions, moderate comments and posts, manage requests to join, and more! 

Content Creation

There are many business owners out there who have a lot of experience, expertise, and things to talk about with their audiences, but they simply lack the time to create the content themselves, or they aren’t confident in their writing or graphic design skills. This is where you could come in! 

Blog management

If you enjoy writing and know what goes into a good blog post, then offering blog management could be a great service for you to offer! In addition to writing new posts, this could also include responding to comments on the blog, scheduling posts, or doing research for new topics. 

Repurposing content

Many business owners pour hours and hours into creating new content, without ever circling back to “recycle” perfectly good, older content. For example, one blog post could be turned into multiple captions for Instagram, or a Youtube video or podcast could be turned into a new blog post. The opportunities for repurposing are basically endless, many business owners just lack the time to do it!

Graphic design

If you have experience as a designer, or you have a natural eye for design, graphic design is always super high in demand for VA’s! This kind of work could include designing social media graphics, E-book designs, Pinterest pins, and so much more! 

What will you choose?

I truly think it is so important to choose to offer services that you genuinely enjoy doing when you’re starting a virtual assistant business. With so many different needs out there, someone is bound to need what you love to offer. So while many of these services are high in demand, that doesn’t mean you have to offer all of them! Remember why you decided to become a virtual assistant. Was it to help people? To gain freedom? To improve the skills you love working on? Don’t forget about those goals when it comes to choosing your offers! 

For even more support in starting your new Virtual Assistant business, I offer 1:1 intensives as well as 12-week coaching, to support you no matter where you are at in the journey. To see if it may be a good fit for you, send me a DM with any questions you may have! 

11 In-Demand Virtual Assistant Services to Offer

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