“I was just starting to get the hang of getting on Instagram stories, and now I need to make Reels, too?!”

vInstagram tends to like to keep us all on our toes, but I am here to make sure that you don’t get lost along the way. 

Truthfully, I like to see Reels as an opportunity to bring some creativity into Instagram! We all know what tends to work for us in our feeds and in our stories, but with Reels and the ever-changing trends, they are giving us the chance to tap back into our creative sides and create content that is much more personal but also fun and entertaining! So before you write off Reels as something new and scary, let me guide you through exactly how to use Reels to your advantage on Instagram.

Creating Irresistible Content

The best way to create content that your audience will love is to always create content with them in mind! I like for my Reels content to be a nice mix of entertaining and educational, and making sure I’m always providing some kind of value to the viewer.

One tactic I can always rely on is to brain dump all of my ideal client’s pain points, as well as the things my current clients are needing the most support with (because out there somewhere is another person needing that same kind of support!). With this information fresh in mind, I brainstorm different Reels ideas that would help get the most helpful information to them in the most entertaining way. The key to success here is to always try to make things that are relevant for the kind of person you want to watch it.

If while you’re trying to list out ideas you start to get stuck, this may be the perfect time to run a few Instagram polls! Asking your audience about the exact things they want to know more about is going to make coming up with irresistible content only that much easier. 

And don’t forget, people love to buy from and work with other people. Which means, your audience wants to see that there is a real person behind the little squares. Showing personal aspects from your life, like your routines, your pet, your hobbies, etc. is also a great content idea for helping your audience to connect with you on a more personal level!

What Not to Do 

As much as we all love a good pointing-at-text Reel… oh wait. More like, as comfortable as it may feel to create these kinds of videos, if you want to see real growth from your Reels, it is going to be super important for you to branch out and try different things, too! 

You know the movement of people saying “Keep Tik Toks on Tik Tok”? Well, while they may be trying to make a different kind of point than I am, I would have to advise the same! The Instagram algorithm tends to favor original Reels much more than repurposed Tik Toks. So while it may be tempting to save yourself time by putting your Tik Toks on Instagram, if growth on Instagram is your goal, it will definitely be worth creating original content, as opposed to repurposing a video that has the Tik Tok logo in the corner. 

And for my final “don’t do this” tip, don’t neglect the hashtags! To make sure that you are taking full advantage of all our opportunities for exposure, you will want to continue to use all 30 hashtags when you post your Reels. Adding relevant hashtags to your Reels will not only help you to increase your reach by promoting you under those hashtags, but it will also help the Instagram algorithm to place your video into the Reels explore page of people who may be interested in it. 

If you haven’t noticed it yet, check and see! Open Instagram real quick, click that little video icon in the center bottom of the screen, and tell me – how many of those accounts do you already follow, and is it full of content you generally like? The answer: probably not many, and yes!

That could be you in someone else’s feed! Hello, new, ideal clients! 

How to Find Trends

Since we talked about moving away from some of the super common trends on Reels, let’s now cover exactly how to get new, fresh ideas!

I get some of the best inspiration for new Reels by watching other videos on Tik Tok! There are new trends on the app nearly constantly, so there is always something new to see and try. 

Not only do I pay attention to the topics of the videos, but also the songs! You would be amazed at how many popular songs can be intertwined with “business-related” content to create fun, yet educational videos!

If you want to stand out in your industry, I highly recommend watching Reels and Tik Toks from people outside of your industry, and adapting the ideas to fit your target audience. Doing something different than your peers will help you to stand out, reach new eyes, and see real growth! 

Attention to Details

Instagram stories are the perfect place for the more raw, uncurated, behind-the-scenes photos and videos. But just like the photos you post in your feed, it is going to be important that you are paying attention to the quality of your Reels while you are filming and creating them.

Making sure the video, lighting, and sound are all high quality will help you to create Reels that people love watching. A little curation can go a long way in Reels, so being prepared can make a huge difference! 

Paying attention to the small things will also be important while editing your videos, adding text, etc. Making sure that the timing of text pop-ups lines up with your actions or the music is also something that shouldn’t be overlooked! A high-quality video, even if the content is light-hearted and funny, will still be more fun to watch than a low-quality one.

I would also recommend doing a few practice rounds before launching the “reel” (real) deal😉. Take the pressure off and just do your best in your first few Reels, knowing that they will just be practice rounds and you won’t have to publish them. Getting in some experience may help to take your nerves off and help you feel more comfortable, which will in turn reflect in the video! People will think you’ve been doing it your whole life! 

Replicate Your Successes

Last but not least, once you begin creating and posting your videos, you will eventually be able to see which ones are performing better than others. 

Analyzing your videos to see which ones performed the best will help you to identify which content people are really connecting with. And naturally, once you know what they like, you will be able to create more content that is similar to it! 

This is why trying out a variety of things from the start could be so beneficial for you! You will be able to give your audience a taste of different things, and it will help you to quickly identify which kind of videos they prefer. On a general note, people tend to like consistency, so don’t be afraid to be consistent in the type of content you create for your Reels, once you find what works for you! 

If Reels had you running for the hills, don’t worry, you weren’t alone! But do yourself a favor and take some of the pressure off. Look at creating Reels not as something serious and scary, but as a time to dip into your creative and fun side, and show your audience this side of your personality! There is so much room to make these videos entirely your own, which is why they are so popular among viewers. We all love to be entertained, and Reels do exactly that! 

With these tips we’ve discussed in your back pocket, you’ll have skipped ahead of the crowd, and you will be able to more easily create irresistible Reels for your audience and future clients! 

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